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Learn two of the easiest options to help you stay in your home. These two options are your quickest way out from under the pressure. Call now to learn how to activate these two credit-saving techniques which are vital in the home-saving process. With a quick call, home foreclosure assistance is within your reach.
We provide assistance in all 50 states.

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  tip #2     Find out why many banks are not able to show detailed paperwork to prove who actually owes them money! In 2012, many of the big banks were ordered to pay heavy fines and penalties for unlawfully entering into the foreclosing process. If you are served with papers from your bank, you have a matter of days to respond to this summons and avoid the foreclosure process. Many homeowners make the mistake of replying to the notice stating that they lost their job or other reasons for falling behind on their mortgage payments. Banks then turn around and use this as hard proof of your debt, even if they do not have the proper documents. Don’t make this mistake! Call now to find out about this loophole and if you qualify for it.    

Here's what we can show you

  • Bankruptcy should not be your first option
  • Short Sale is not always your friend
  • Help is just a phone call away
  • Foreclosure can severely ruin your credit
  • Loan modification is not always easy
  • Your mortgage company is not your friend
  • A mortgage audit can save your home
tip #3 Foreclosure laws are complex – Call now to find out if your bank is wrongly attempting to foreclose on you. Many people in this situation take a short sale and walk away, but there are other options. Banks are counting on the fact that you are not familiar with the foreclosure process and often take great advantage of it. Avoiding foreclosure is possible if you take the right steps. We walk you through this! We are experts in foreclosure law and we have helped numerous clients to stay in their homes. Our home foreclosure information programs will help you save your home!
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tip #4 We provide home foreclosure information help to homeowners. We show you all available options and programs to save your home. Mortgage foreclosure can be avoided when the proper steps are taken. Even if you haven’t been served with a summons yet, you might be able to prevent the summons altogether! Don’t take advice from the banks. Talk with an expert! Your next move could save your home. Call us today for free foreclosure advice.(866)945-3952.

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